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Vavilla - The Fighter Jet

Vavilla - The Fighter Jet

Khalil Ebrahim
by Abokhlo on 31 May 2024

Khalil Ebrahim, a student in Think Tank Training Centre. Breaking down the latest project - Vavilla - The Fighter Jet

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Khalil Ebrahim, student at "Think Tank Training Center". Working in CG and VFX, and to be specific he's focusing on "Hard Surface" Modeling and "Sci-Fi" props in CG, and tracking , compositing in VFX. love to create realistic objects . In this article he shares the breakdown of his process of the latest project in "TTTC" - Vavilla - The fighter jet 

Project pitch

Vavilla - The Fighter Jet

This is the final project for term 3 in "Think Tank Training Centre" . For this term i use to do hard surface prop . This Concept was created by the talented "David Jones". From the beginning I started really slowly to make sure every part get cleared and clean in modeling as possible. I use this concept to make sure that I'm going to use it later in animation not just posting stills, so i make the "Vavilla" forced landing in Desert and there's atmosphere like (Fog-Dust-rain) . I texture my whole parts of vehicle in (Adobe Substance Painter) and at the end compositing everything in (Unreal Engine 5) with finalizing in (Adobe After Effects). I really thanks my supervisor for helping me in this term to improve my skills and giving me advices for my concept to do it as my Specialization "Film" . Also special thanks for everyone around me for supporting me and giving me tips and some techniques to reach that output at the end . You can see some extra progress in my Artstation

Software used

- Autodesk Maya (Modeling)

- Substance Painter (Texturing)

- Unreal Engine (Compositing)

- Adobe After Effects (Finalize)

- Adobe Photoshop (create tillable texture )

-Blender (creating Foliage's )

Breakdown Process


Progress in video


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