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Zaatour Kevin
by KevinZaatour on 31 May 2024

Afortelem, Second sister of the Iron Maiden( 7th Valkyrie) Second sister of the seventh, personification of Madness.

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Project start : 03.05.2024 - Project finished : 19.05.2024

Afortelem, Second sister of the Iron Maiden( 7th Valkyrie)

LORE : Cloned sister of the 7th Valkyrie, she was definitively a failure and deemed too dangerous, so was condemned by the sect forever, but her murderous madness never ceases to grow. She who should have been the perfect copy of her big sister to be able to destroy her forever and obey the sect turns out to be the calamity.

Scrolling order : 1 : Final render textured/2 : ID,Normal,Occlusion & Ambiant Map/ 3 : Rendering no textures /4 : Final sculpt Zbrush/ 5 : Idea shaping/6 : First step in this project

Here I have completely textured & rendered Aförtelem. I have learned a lot about light and texturing on this project, the biggest challenge for me  on this one was how to texture on Substance Painter for the first time and transferring it on Marmoset Toolbag

I have learned for the first time what was a "map" and the purpose of it, on the color map it shows how I manually painted the skin, a rough approximation of what I could learn about pigmentations and skin color while understand layers in SP

Final render after baking High Poly on Low Poly(on Substance Painter) before applying textures on Marmoset Toolbag, showing the raw sculpt with Normal and occlusion map only.

That was what I saw in my head before the end of my project. I have achived to sculpt it in Zbrush and was really proud of the result. She is Dominant, Macabre, Cruel and Powerful. The Sixth Valkyrie Aförtelem.

I gave here this Pose to show her superiority. Posing a character is for me crucial. It was also a real challenge for me to pose her on Zbrush du to the Subdivisions level to play with so I had to rig her on another software Character Creator and transfer her again on Zbrush to make the task easier.

After working on the body refinement, I wanted her to be like I saw her in my head, Macabre, strong physically, cursed and condemned. the hands was for me a major element to work on inspired by some christians paints, she bears scars form previous fight. Her face expression needed to be subtle and give the feeling of unhealthy pleasure.

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