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Gym Boss Return of The Chads

Gym Boss Return of The Chads

Anton Caruana
by AntonCaruana on 31 May 2024

Character concepts for a horde style beat em'up I was prompted to create in my Character design class!

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'GYM BOSS Return of The Chads'

My first character design project I've undertaken, GYM BOSS Return of The Chads, was in response to a brief prompting us to create a fighting game. My characters are styled to fit a beachside gym in Florida called ‘Ravens Gym’. I gathered references from existing I.P like GTA Vice city as well as photos of Venice beach. These were the main aesthetics I was shooting for. The characters task is to defend against waves of New years resolution goers who come in hordes looking to sign memberships to their gym.

This project was definitely a challenge, I learned a lot about the character creation workflow and what's involved, what to make sure you get right and what not to waste time on. A big takeaway from the project is the importance of character silhouettes and their poses. Definitely something I will push in my next project!

My intention was for Bike Mike to portray my idea of the classic gangster biker. It was important that he had a somewhat muscular physique, however, I also wanted to show the backstory of his construction worker job. I tried communicating this through his work boots. The membership tags slung to his belt are from those who have challenged his masculinity and paid the consequences. 

Terrance was a bit of a wild card, I wanted him to be my idea of an exaggerated bitcoin billionaire who has taken a new path of jumping on the MUSCLE TRAIN. A very small detail is his sheet of tips on how to speak to girls in his back pocket!

The best guy, the biggest guy. Zoft hands was my idea of the classic strongman and I had to work at getting the anatomy in a somewhat legible order. I definitely have room for improvement but as a first go, I was happy with the result. He was a welcome challenge to design and taught me a lot.

Above is Terrance placed in the character select screen I was tasked to design. I spent so much time adding details into the room and outside the windows. These ultimately got lost in all the U.I, however, it taught me a valuable lesson. The effort and time put into elements that aren't seen in their full capacity aren't an excuse to take shortcuts. These areas are still just as important as the main areas. This is because they support them and complete the vibe and aesthetic of the entire piece.

Thank you for visiting my project!

Anton Caruana

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