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Happy New Dragon's Year!

Happy New Dragon's Year!

Giulio Losco
by giuliolosco on 16 Jun 2024

My personal project developed during photorealism module at @Skyup Academy

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"Happy New Dragon's Year" is a project developed during photorealism module at @Skyup Academy. The goal of this module was to photorealistically reproduce a reference. I took care of every phases of the project by myself. It was as challenging as it was fun

I was assigned this wonderful concept which is actually a real photo, it represents an urban environment, probably the entrance of some Chinese apartments

00. References

I started by collecting many references, in order to model and later to create materials

01.Blocking/camera matching

One of the most complicated parts for sure was doing the camera matching, to solve this problem I imported the image into photoshop and highlighted the perspective lines, re-imported the image to maya and played with focus lenght, rotation and position of the camera

02. Modeling

i modelled the objects separately, and optimizing them for subdivision

03. UV Unwrapping

I do the uv using the udim workflow, I was limited to a maximum of 18 udim, i separated the shells by type of material and object


I used a single material for the scene except for the plants leaves and the fabric of the lanterns that should have a trasmissive material

04. Texturing

Once I setup the file I started the texturing into substance painter, I use a lot of paint and noise fill layers for  color and roughness fixing and variations,  some mask generators for the global dust, and  anchor driven height maps for the concrete and plaster on wall and floor. I also use photoshop a lot for crop images of door's decorations, write chinese texts and extract materials masks, it was a very challenging but fun part!

Material Passes

05. Lighting

I use many light: one for the sun, a diffuse light for the right side, a dome for the environment, a small light for lantern's specular parts, and other fills light for stairs and wall, I also use many planes for creating the occlusion of light and shaping shadows. It was very interesting part!

It was an really exciting experience, I learned alot and I'm happy of my project and entusiast of attending Skyup Academy!

 I hope it has excited you at least as much as it did to me, thank you for your attention!

Thanks @CaveAcademy for turntable set scene

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