Michael Pham 2019 Animation Reel (Updated)

Michael Pham 2019 Animation Reel (Updated)

Michael Pham (Tuan Anh)
by michaelfam on 15 Jul 2019

It is unfortunate I could have not submitted my most recent reel to the 2019 Rookie Awards. However now I have time to practice my craft and prepare for the next rookie awards! Here is my most recent reel with updated work on my animations.

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This is an updated reel as I previously submitted a earlier reel before the 2019 Rookie Awards deadline. Earlier Entry - https://www.therookies.co/entries/3429

The animations you see have all been creating during my time at the Academy Interactive Entertainment Institute whilst I am studying the advanced diploma of screen and media.

Music provided by Red Hot Chili Peppers

Song is Dark Necessities Instrumental: /youtube.com/watch?v=0rPV6v3192I

Mocap data was recorded using two Xbox Kinetic Webcams. It was handled through both ipi Recorder / Motion Capture and then processed through Maya.  I used the Human IK feature in Maya to transfer the mocap data onto the rig and then used animation layers and the time editor to edit the animation. 

Prior to this 2 week assignment I had never touched motion data before. This was an awesome learning experience and to my realization, motion capture was something I would consider in the future!

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