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Souvenirs ~ Concept Art, Backgrounds and Compositing
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Souvenirs ~ Concept Art, Backgrounds and Compositing

by Souvenirs and Xezku on 29 May 2024

Souvenirs is a short film made in collaboration. It talks about a father who can't make the grief of the death of his little girl due to an incurable desease.

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Update - 29 May 2024

What is "Souvenirs" ? What does it talk about ?

Synopsis :

Souvenirs is a 5 minutes short film talking about the grief.
The main character, Cedric decides to move out of his house since the death of his little girl, Lucie. While doing the moving boxes of Lucie’s old bedroom, the main character must face his emotions and his memories that he had with his little girl.

How the backgrounds were made ? Why used 3D ? Why the artistic direction isn't the same in every settings ?

First of all, I made a 3D base of the entire house that I modelized myself, to help us to have the right proportions of the elements in the background, but to also help us to keep a consistency between every settings whatever if it's in the present or in the past. Having a 3D base to rely on give us a certain freedom, especially to create the storyboard and the settings, it makes us gained a little bit of time.

The settings of this short film fit and grow up with the mood of the main character, Cedric. To realise that two differents styles are used. The first one represents the real world/the present, at the start in dull, desatured and cold shades, that warm up by dint of the progression of the short film,  with a graphic style defines like realist. While the style used represents the memories of Cedric’s past in warmed and bright colors at the opposite of the present with a graphic style looking like it was draw with a sketching chalk, then there is a white vignetting a bit blurry tightening the settings to dive furthermore in the past and in the memories of the main character.

Concept art Memories :

First research for an artistic direction of Lucie's bedroom from the memories of the main character, Cedric.

Concept art Present :

First research of differents room of the house with a large shot, realized from a 3D base modelized to help us in the realisation of the project.

Introduction :

I realise the backgrounds of the introduction in colaboration with Ermina who made the line of them.

Settings :

Before entering in our animation, we wanted to make you the viewer coming in the atmosphere, in the ambiant of our short film by seeing a few cotemplative background of the house changing into boxes, which is also representing the fact that the characters are moving out of the house.

Sequence 01 :

Colorscript :

Cedric is in the livingroom watching the TV, the atmosphere is dim and cold. Suddenly Laurence comes...

Settings :

All the steps of the realisation of an entire shot from the 3D all the way to the compositing.

Sequence 03 :

Colorscript :

Cedric notice that the door of the old bedroom of Lucie is half-opened. He's taking a good breath before coming in it. The atmosphere is still dim and cold, but a few rays from outside is coming from a window, lighting a bit Lucie's door.

Settings :

Sequence 06 :

Colorscript :

After Cedric remembers the first memories, he continues to make the boxes, open the curtains of the window, and find Lucie's old story book. The atmosphere is less cold than in the firsts sequences of this short film, the light is coming more and more, little by little.

Settings :

For the last third settings of this sequence I collaborate with one of my mate, Ermina, to realise them. We split the work in two, she made the line of the drawing on the 3D base that I made, when it's done I take her line to finalise the drawing by adding colors and ambiants to the backgrounds.

Sequence 08 :

In this sequence already two memories passed, so it left only one. The backgrounds aren't really cold anymore, the room is warmer and started to be more and more empty.

Settings :

For this sequence I worked on this settings with Ermina who made the layout of the background, and I add all the colors and atmosphere.

Sequence 10 :

In this sequence all the memories passed, the short film is coming to an end. The backgrounds aren't cold anymore, the room is warm and feels like a sunset, the room is now totaly empty, Cedric made all the boxes.

Settings :

For this last sequence I also worked with Ermina who made the line of the backgrounds on the 3D that I made, and I add all the colors and atmosphere.

All the steps of the realisation of an entire shot of the last sequence, from the 3D all the way to the compositing.

Here is all the various backgrounds I had the opportunity to make during this project. But I also have the chance to work on other steps of the realisation of this short film like for example the scenario, the storyboard, the animation of the characters in the present, the compositing of some shots, and much more...

Souvenirs :

If you're interested by our short film you can watch it just there, and if you're interested by all the steps and the explanation of how we create and make this short film like you could see here for the background, you can also find the account of our short film named "Souvenirs" on this platform!

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