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Disintegration simulation

Disintegration simulation

Stefan Schrauwen
by StefanSchrauwen on 28 May 2024

I created these simulations as my first project for the course portfolio at DAE. My goal in this course was to create a series of fx shots that feature a variety of simulation techniques. For my first shot I wanted to research and showcase my skill in controlling particle sims in Houdini. Course: Florian Bard

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The main part of the effect is controlled with a custom growth solver, which activates the different simulations. It spreads out from scattered points on the mesh that active it's neighbours based on a noise pattern.

The activated points get fed into a particle simulation and a vellum cloth simulation. The particle simulation is build out of the surface mesh and inside points. Both of their movements are driven by a velocity field made by simulating a whispy smoke. The cloth simulation is made mixing different pop forces and combining the growth solver to dissapate it into smaller particles.

Head Disintegration

This is the first shot created for the project and showcases a good view on the growth solver and movement of the particles.

Skull Disintegration

This shot also features a RBD simulation that drives the growthsim based on the impact. It also uses the broken pieces and inside mesh for the cloth simulation.

Hand Disintegration

In the last simulation I wanted to push the growth solver by using a more irregular shape and how a thinner volume would affect the particles.

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