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TOYOTA Crown - Taxi cab

TOYOTA Crown - Taxi cab

Yosh Cuypers
by Yosh3D on 26 May 2024

TOYOTA Crown taxi cab made in Blender, textured in Susbtance Painter and rendered inside of Unreal Engine as game ready asset.

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TOYOTA Crown - Taxi cab

This project was made as part of my bachelor degree project, "Nyu Kobi" a dystopian game set in the year 2065 in Nyu-Kobi Japan. The game is set in the same world as the famous RPG and video Game "Cyberpunk 2077". 

The car is made to be used inside Unreal Engine 5.4 as a game asset. The workflow was very simple and straight forward. I first gathered information about the type of cars used as taxi's in Japan and the TOYOTA Crown was the one that popped up and that I liked the most. I then gathered reference images of the car and found a blueprint image of the car that I could use to model it. After the car was modeled, I started changing things a little so it could fit this cyberpunk style. I liked the asymetry that some of the cars have in the Cyberpunk 2077 game so I tried to replicate that with the two headlights that are different. I saw a picture of the Hyundai Grandeur EV and loved the wide tail light with the pixel leds so I took that inspiration and used it in my model. After I was done, I subdivided the car a bunch of times, enough for me to sculpt dents and scratches on the high poly mesh. Once it was done I made the low poly version of the car and unwrapped it using the UDIM uv tilling workflow. Inside of Substance Painter, I baked the high poly onto the low poly and started texturing the car. With my reference images on my second screen, I was able to recreate the look of the taxi car that I wanted to recreate mids a few changes to fit the style. Once that was done I exported the mesh and texture inside of Unreal Engine and rendered it. The textures were exported in 2K and using the ORM channel packing for better performances.  

Below is a wireframe render done inside of Unreal Engine. The low poly asset is around 300K tris coming from 1.9Mil tris for the high poly. The low poly still has a dense mesh so I could use Nanite more efficiently.

Screenshots of the asset inside of Substance Painter.

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