Chris Rogers
by crrdesign on 4 Jul 2019

Inheritance is a concept for a mystery game set in 1920s America. You play as twins who have just inherited the fallen Victorian home of their estranged grandfather. Visiting, they find that he left secrets about his dark past locked inside of complex puzzle boxes. The player solves the puzzles to restore the manor.

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One of the objectives of this project was to elevate my interior set design skills. In order to accomplish this, I created two versions each of my two Victorian interiors– cold and dilapidated, and warm and homely. My goal was to make their respective moods as distinct from one another as possible using set dressing, lighting, color, contrast, etc.

The most research-heavy component of this project was creating a believable Victorian manor. I studied materials, construction and the trends of the day. Through much thumbnailing and diligent SketchUp work, I created opportunity in the layout for plenty of content.

The puzzle boxes are the two primary props of the project, and the focal points of the rooms they are placed in. While designing the boxes, I made sure that all their moving parts could work in real space. In other words, they could be constructed in real life. I also prioritized player interactivity, as each box takes environment interaction and multiple steps to unlock.

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