Unity scene - Targeting Android Devices

Unity scene - Targeting Android Devices

Thomas Colombin
by handbaker on 21 Jun 2019

For my exams I had to do a scene inside of Unity wich can runs at 60 fps on the Nvidia Shield. With shaders provided by our school and by unsing static lightning only, I've created all the assets and layout a little scene where the player can move and interact with some objets.

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Unity scene targeting Android devices - Nvidia Shield.

As one of my finals exams I was ask to create a environement inside of Unity were the player can move and unsing basic interactions. This scene is in static and runs at 60 FPS on the Nvidia Shield. The goal of this project was to introduce us to android devices and working on a close environement such as a console. 

- Here's some screenshots of my work ! :) 

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