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A Light plant and a Rot Plant
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A Light plant and a Rot Plant

Emmanuel Alexander Osorio Jose
by RafaelIx on 31 Mar 2024

While I was studying the use of a blender I saw a pot that I wanted to model to practice, an idea that was divided into two, when I finished I will show a plant of light and a plant of rot, I'm especially excited to do the last one.

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Update - 1 Apr 2024

Today I tried to make a dead moose, the head at least for the rot plant, but it hasn't even been a week since I started the blender course so after a while I ended up discarding the idea

(I forgot to save images of my attempts)

In the end I made this, a log, which I want to look rotten and some "Rocks"

Tomorrow I will do the scenarios and with some luck the renders too

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Update - 31 Mar 2024

The first step I followed was to make the model of the flowerpot, Then I made the "earth" for the flowerpot and the plant for the stage