The Tinderbox

The Tinderbox

Kate Ledermeier
by kledermeier on 31 May 2019

My visual development and illustration following the story of the Tinderbox, a blend of mixed-Asian design and mythological fantasy. I'm an impassioned artist with a focus on concept design, ready to showcase the skills I've built up over the years. Thank you for your time!

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The Tinderbox

When a former soldier turned mercenary returns to his home village, now torn and abandoned after years of war, he's met by a legendary witch who gives him the task of finding the Tinderbox, a magical object said to release dogs of varying, unimaginable sizes that'll do whatever you please.

An original fairytale meets mixed-Asian themes

Meeting Kaman

The soldier returns home, only to be confronted by a witch he's only heard in the fairytales of his childhood.

Meeting Gren

Inside the mystic tree, the soldier meets one of the legendary beasts of the Tinderbox.

The Eastern Border

A gateway with many stories -- and many graves for those who never returned home from war.

Yalkat - the soldier

Haunted by the war of his past, Yalkat is now a traveling mercenary, tasked by a eerie witch to find the legendary Tinderbox. Still wearing his war-torn uniform, he carries his family-inherited sword, more of a walking stick than a weapon.

Aylai - the princess

Her face has never had a public appearance - save for behind a mask. It's whispered among the public that the princess was never really scarred from the war, that it was only propaganda from the emperor to garner the public's sympathy after such a horrible loss in battle. Then again, what would they know? She has bigger plans than their ideas anyway.

Kaman - the witch

Her name barely whispered, she's believed to silently glide along the forest surrounding Yalkat's village. Mysterious and eerie, she had the presence to make any child run to their mother with just the thought of her.

Gren - the quick

A body built for speed, Gren is the smallest of the beasts to come from the Tinderbox. However, with his smaller size, there's a bustling energy.

Yalkat's Village

Mainly inhabited by hunters and watched over by chiefs.

Monsters and Characters - One and All

The Village of Kekhi

Another small hunting village, but with a much more modern design.

The Capital's Gateway

With it's imperial design and drastic size, it welcomes it's nation's citizens.

Petite Visual Designs

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