Zen Office

Zen Office

João Miguel Marques Abrantes Barata da Silva
by artyoung on 31 May 2019

Heavily inspired by Blade Runner 2049's interior aesthetic, I decided I wanted to try and create an office with some of the movie's elements, like the caustics, the simplicity and the golden lighting, the stairs surrounded by water, and adding my own personal touch.

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The project itself took me around 4 days to finish (from research to completion).

For this project I used a set of keywords: Zen, Peaceful, Minimalistic, Gold, Power, Unusual. Out of these, Power may seem out of place but that is because this office is supposed to belong to an organisation's boss, that was the idea I followed, I imagined like an in game last boss, all knowing and patient, surrounded by what he is (calm, simple) and what he represents (something powerful, rich). The project's design is minimalistic, easy to look and read; it gave me the opportunity to see if I could do something interesting with a small number and simple looking assets; it also gave me the opportunity to play with lighting in a different way.

For the office's view I knew I had to create something different but familiar, natural but at the same time not; the office is supposed to be in a building which is in a city, yet the view does not hint that, a lonely tree in the middle of rocks and boulders, surrounded by water with fog and mist covering most of it. This was a personal decision, most of these elements represent peace and tranquility to me, this same thought was applied with the furniture in the office, the small zen garden, tea,  this goes back to the list of keywords used for the project.

This was the moodboard I did for the project, plus the graybox phase, when I was figuring out size and initial "vibe".

In this phase I was experimenting with the overall shape of the office and some other ideas that I had at the time, eventually I had to remind myself of the keywords I was using for this project, in this case it was the word Minimalistic that kept me on track.

Progress part 1 - For lighting I tried to avoid putting lights on the ceiling, keeping them mostly close to the ground just to give a different and unusual aesthetic, which I think it gave out a pretty cool look in the end specially going over the water.

Progress Part 2 - For furniture I tried to keep it simple, minimalistic, the type of furniture is most common in asian culture. The tool that can be seen next to the table is used to create patterns or circles on the sand in zen gardens. I did a typical asian kettle and the cup of tea was just a design I tried on my own. The 3 big dots on the wall over the stairs are a minimalistic clock, it tells real time, hour, minutes and seconds, thought it would be a cool feature to add, plus it was a way for me to be aware of time..

These were all the assets I used for the project (excluding particle effects), as you can see they are pretty simple and mostly modular. Except the last batch (the rocks and tree, which are from Megascans and Unreal Engine's) all models were created in 3DS Max and textured in Substance Painter and Photoshop. I created a light function for the caustics and applied it on spotlights, I also tried to match the panners' speed with the water's. For the mobius strip I created an unlit transparent material with panners running through a stripped alpha texture to give that holographic look.

Thank you for taking a look! Any feedback is appreciated! :)

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