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Wendigo Sculpt

Wendigo Sculpt

Bradley James Peacock
by bradleypeacock on 31 May 2019

WIP creature sculpt by myself and Jo Chalmers

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Major Project: Wendigo Sculpt

This creature is based off of a piece of concept art I found on Facebook which myself and another artist adapted for my major project. The wendigo is typically a savage and cannibalistic creature, however; here it is characterized as a typical woodland creature with the potential to be dangerous. It is designed like this so when it comes to animation it leaves my options open for how I want it to move, and so it would be convincing if it were to move unnaturally. 

Initial concepts were similar to the original artwork, with the abdominal area torn open and the creatures' intestine visible. Whilst I still like this design a great deal, it was too close to the original and we needed to deviate a little further. 

The final design created by Jo Chalmers captures the initially emaciated looked I wanted for the creature, however; as the project progressed I ran into a number of issues regarding the anatomy. 

Horses are naturally quiet muscular animals and so trying to blend that with an emaciated human torso didn't work so well. It has been a significant challenge trying to find the right amount of definition between the horse and human bodies to create a convincing enough creature. 

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