Greek Contestant
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Greek Contestant

by rookster on 31 May 2019

A Greek inspired base character for a third year production game - Mythos Party. Made over a few weeks during my class production time. Mainly using Maya, Substance, Blender and Zbrush.

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Update - 31 May 2019

This Greek contestant was made for a game that our team is working on for third year production called Mythos Party.

The premise was to make a base character open to customization. I started with a high poly sculpt in Zbrush and kept customisable parts separate.

Following this I retopologised parts in Maya, baked textures and applied a base texture using the curvature before rigging the character.

Once all the parts were textured to my liking I set the character up with a construction script to have the parts combine and follow the animations.

Here's a full 3d view of the end product, hope you enjoy!

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