Project Aurora - Video Game

Project Aurora - Video Game

by skopix on 30 May 2019

Project Aurora is a Survival Horror Game that explores the horrors of what science and human curiosity is really capable of.

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Project Aurora is the exploration of a genetic modification facility located beneath an old decaying private school, the school was evacuated after an event at the facility during the 60's. It is unknown what happened during this event or if the facility was ever decommissioned .

It is now many years later and you visit the island seeking answers.

Teaser Trailer

Gameplay Footage

My main focal points so far have been:

- Level Design

- Lighting

- Level Streaming

- Core Mechanics

- Sound implementation (though looking at better audio solutions currently!)

Moving forward I am working on procedurally animating my enemies.


Most of my assets are store bought.

I have worked with 2 sound engineers for the sound effects and music, Sullie Burgess and Luke Evans. 

Everything has been implemented in-engine by myself.

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