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Project Atelier: Art Book Concept Art

Project Atelier: Art Book Concept Art

Katie-Beth Tutt
by skeletalk on 30 May 2019

An Art Book I designed for my final year at University on my BA Concept Art course. Revolving around a witch character, her workshop, props in said workshop and pet design. Wish I upload higher res but the limit is 2mb for whatever reason.

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Project Atelier: Workshop, Witch Design, Textures, Props and Creature Design

Workshop/Atelier Final Piece

Workshop/Atelier Closeups

Workshop/Atelier Day, Dusk & Night Cycle

Workshop/Atelier Process video

Magical Prop Designs

Potion Prop Designs

Dungeon Floor Texture

Main Floor Stone Texture

Lavender the Witch Final Design

Project Atelier Frontpage Book Design

Lavender Clothing Designs

Prehnite the Lizard Familiar/Pet Design

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