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Sheila Alessandrini
by SheilaA on 17 Sep 2023

Real time environment made in Unreal Engine 5, with Blender, Zbrush and Substance.

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First, a huge thank you to jh l for giving me permission to use their amazing concept to make the scene:

This is my second real time environment, made in Unreal Engine 5.
After studying the concept, I decided to use a modular approach since there are many elements that repeat in the scene, like the arches and columns. This allowed me to save time and resources.

I used Realtime Virtual Texture so I could paint the landscape and blend the grass color.

For the sky and background, I wanted to maintain the same painterly look, so I handpainted the clouds on PS and placed the planes in the right spots.

During the making of this project, I also learned to use the cloth simulation for the blue cloth and made an animation for the birds and used the particles system to make the dust/pollen effect.

Big thanks goes also to everyone on the Discord communities who spent some time giving me feedback to improve the scene!

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