My 3D art journey

My 3D art journey

Sara Kołodziejak
by violetly on 8 Sep 2023

This is a description of my 3D journey that started around 3 years ago.

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Beginnings were tough. I had some background in drawing, but even there my fundamentals were lacking, so was my understanding of anatomy and planes and other important things. But during graphic design uni we had some classes with 3D and that's where I discovered sculpting is lots of fun. 

To understand 3D space better and learn programs I did lots of tutorials, I also tried sculpting. Take a look at my first try at sculpting and building a character (this girl was supposed to be Kida from Atlantis :D)

This work that I was proud of was this alien head I did when taking an "Introduction to Zbrush" course from Schoolism. It was time when I learnt the most about Zbrush and started to feel more confident with tools. 

My friend from university once asked me to help him with a commission. He needed to create several character portraits but was running out of time. I was scared to make my first human figures, but I took the job, turned out this was the moment I fell in love with making 3D characters, It stays like this till this day. 

Another amazing experience was taking part in Artheroes summer BootCamp. This is where I meet my 3D friends that I can share passion and knowledge with. This mermaid, even if not finished, was the first work of mine that I truly liked and was proud of. 

Since then it was just constant practice, a day without sculpting was a wasted day!

And here we are now, working on my portfolio and polishing my skills, here are some more recent WIP's

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