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Monsters INC.

Monsters INC.

Carlos Terroso
by cterroso on 29 May 2019

Group project, copy a stage from a Pixar movie. In this case, we chose Boo´s room from Monsters INC. I was part of the modeling, the texturing of my assets, all the lighting, and composition. Work Group - Marta Mollá, Sara García, Lucía Serrano, Luis Cadenas, Esteban Álava & Carlos Terroso

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Job - Copy a frame from Pixar movie
Job time - 10 days
Software - Maya / Substance Painter / Arnold / Nuke

Group Marta Mollá, Sara García, Lucía Serrano, Luis Cadenas, Esteban Álava & Carlos Terroso


After working a couple in class, the next step was to work as a group. The objective of this work was to choose and copy a Pixar scenario, without characters. We chose Boo´s room from Monsters INC. The first step was to identify and number all the assets that made up the scene and distribute them. Each member modelled and mapped their assets. I modelled the walls, floor, curtains and bed. Curtains and cushions are modelled in Marvelous Designer but did not give time to retopolize them, so they do not have a correct topology.


I took care of all the lighting. Very simple, trying to make it as natural as possible and keeping in mind that I was going to add a volume pass in composition. The whole scene is illuminated with lights area. The room has a big fill light and two small lights to mark points of light. The exterior light has plans cutting the light to give the feeling of a window. I used a light mesh for the light of the half moon on the wall.


All members of the group texturize the assets with Substance Painter. The most complex part of my assets was to recreate the texture of the walls and the floor. We all had the complete model of the scene illuminated so that we could see how the materials behaved in those light conditions.


I also took care of the render and the composition. To have as much control as possible of the image I made six light passes with their AOVs of diffuse, specular, transmission, emission and Z-depth. Also, a mask of IDs to select specific areas of the image. Finally, the master layer with and without volume as reference. The nuke tree was complex. I took out their AOVs from each light and could correct them according to colour or intensity. Finally, I added the volume pass and corrected the colour and intensity by zones.

I thank you for your time and patience. I hope I have helped in some way and if you liked it!!!

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