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Fighter Pilot Helmet

Fighter Pilot Helmet

Carlos Terroso
by cterroso on 29 May 2019

Work for the 3D Basic Modeling Master with Maya at Lightbox Academy. Modeling assets to texturize it with Substance Painter. First project with this new software.

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Job - Model an asset and textured it with Substance Painter
Job time - 5 days
Software - Maya / Substance Painter / Arnold / Nuke


Over the last week, we have been looking a new software, Substance Painter. Therefore, the next job was to model an asset and texturize it completely with Substance and discover the program inside. I decided to model an HGU 55 fighter pilot helmet. As always, I modelled it in Maya and did the mapping in UV Layout. The modelling took a couple of days full time as it had many details.


The texturing of this asset was my first contact with Substance. The concepts of texturing were clear to me since in the last weeks I have been texturing with Mari. I decided not to use smart materials in this model and paint all the textures by hand. I worked 16 bits in Linear. For greater control, I used the same HDRI of the Maya light rig in Substance. I exported the textures in TIFF 16 bits to 4k.

Lighting and Compositing

At first, I was going to leave the helmet with the light rig, but at the last moment, I decided to make a composition with him. First I made a composition by integrating the helmet into a photo. For that first composition, I used an HDRI as lighting. The result did not convince me too much and I opted for a much simpler composition. Both render did not need to just touch them with Nuke, only basic corrections.

I thank you for your time and patience. I hope I have helped in some way and if you liked it!!!

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