Western 3D Scene

Western 3D Scene

Carlos Terroso
by cterroso on 29 May 2019

Work for the 3D Basic Modeling Master with Maya at Lightbox Academy. Modeling and mapping a white weapon and integrating it into a scenario. The first practice completely mapped. Textured with Mari.

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Model a white weapon with an enviroment
Job time  - 1 Week
Software - Maya / Photoshop / Mari / Arnold / Nuke


My third job for the master. This time we had to model a white weapon and integrate it into a scenario. While looking for references I found a steampunk model of an 1851 Colt Navy that had a kind of large knife attached to it. I chose this model to be able to integrate it with a scene in the far west.

Blocking and different compositions. I finally decided to leave more air in the right part of the scene.

Once all the elements of the scene were modelled, I mapped it with Maya and with UV layout. I used UDIMs to have a better resolution and be able to manage them better in the texturing process. The vegetation I made with paint effects of Maya.


To illuminate the scene I used an HDRI and area lights to support and intensify some elements. To give the ambient feeling in the desert, I added an atmosphere in the environment of Arnold. The atmosphere will render it in a different pass and compose it with Nuke. The buildings have lights inside to give the sensation of life in them. The buildings have lights inside to give the sensation of life in them


Since I started the course, I have been practising at home with Mari. I’ve textured small elements, but until now I had not textured a big scene. I started with the weapon and I realized the look development in Maya with a neutral light rig.

Final Composition

The render I did in EXR with AOVs in Arnold 5. The final composition was in Nuke. I used different render passes and add background matte, colour correction, depth of field and grain.

Night Version

When I finished the final render, I decided to perform the same scene but at night. To do it I simply changed the lighting and the final composition in Nuke.

I thank you for your time and patience. I hope I have helped in some way and if you liked it!!!

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