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Girl Lookdev project

Girl Lookdev project

Giorgia Zaramella
by Giotsy on 3 Aug 2023

In this project I wanted to experiment for the first time skin textures and groom on a photorealistic Character

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Hi everyone! I want to share with you my first character lookdev project.

 It was very hard to make a photorealistic model, the most challenging part was to recreate the small details and imperfections of the skin such as pores and wrinkles on zbrush, and then create the skin substrates on substance painter. Making the groom with XGen was quite a challenge but I really enjoyed the process and look to learn more of it! 

For this project I used the amazing 3D model of Konstantinos Chtenelis and I was inspired by the tutorial of Jason Hill for the skin textures.

Hope you like it!

Clay render

Xgen guides and hair simulation

ZBrush skin pores and wrinkles sculpting

Some references

Substance painter viewport skin texturing process

Skin shading wip maya

- ZBrush for skin pores and details 

- Substance painter for texturing 

- Maya for lighting and shading 

- Xgen for groom 

- Arnold for rendering

link to Konstantinos Chtenelis Artstation : https://k_chtenelis.artstation.com

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