The Gwyn Bull

The Gwyn Bull

by mipply on 28 May 2019

A lone guard at an eternal gate. The albino bull in a horde of his betters. The defective. The outcast. The only on left of his kind now. This is the Gwyn Bull, the last guard standing at his post, sworn to drive away all who dare to enter for hundreds of years.

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The Gwyn Bull 

The Gwyn Bull was a self-set goal to improve my anatomy after another character project I wasn't thrilled with wrapped up. I've always loved monsters, ghouls and other nefarious nasties so it made sense to ground the study in something I could really get my teeth into like a Minotaur but with a fresh take, namely basing it more on Celtic mythology and albino bulls than the traditional Greek myth and a brown bull. I think there's still a lot to improve and take away from it and the posing alone could be a topic but for the time I had and my level of experience, I think it's a positive step in the right direction.

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