Darksiders Fury Fan art Concept

Darksiders Fury Fan art Concept

Blanc Pierre-Louis
by Pilou on 1 Jun 2023

This is a student project made in a total of 8 weeks . Learning and modelling at the same time !

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This is a project executed in 8 weeks in total ! It started with a theme that we were given, to create a skin/character in the universe of Darksiders !

 I choose Fury from Darksiders 3, and I started by creating a concept until the final modeling ! This is my first character ever !

I was learning, at the same time as I was doing this project, the basics of anatomy, Zbrush, retopology on Maya and how to do texture on Substance Painter !

So from there you can follow my journey in the creation of this character ! It starts with 2 weeks of research  in 2D to move on to 6 weeks of 3D !

And now the 3D modeling of the character ! Some elements have changed compared to the 2D concept !

Like the left shoulder pad and the blade on the left forearm which have been removed for more cohesion and stability of the model !

I was learning how to animate a character at the end of this project, so I rigged and skinned this character ! 

Thank you for taking your time to enjoy my work !

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