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The Dawn Of Zaun - Alexander Verburuggen

The Dawn Of Zaun - Alexander Verburuggen

Alexander Verbruggen
by Def on 31 May 2023

A steampunk Environment, made for the course Environments I at Howest DAE

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A steampunk environment, made for the course Environments 1 at howest DAE.

This was my first real project in 3D,  I learned A LOT but maybe more importantly, I had a tonne of fun. constructing a piece of a world is truly one of the most inspiring feelings I've ever had. Can't wait to start working on new environments, working with everything I've learned and ignited passion.

This environment was inspired by League of Legends lore, the entire environment is confined within a giant blimp (roughly 100m long) shaped like a shark (Fishbones). The blimp itself is powered by Chemtech and used for smuggling. This also explains the name of the project: "The Dawn of Zaun".

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