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Bhuddist temple UE5
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Bhuddist temple UE5

Carlos Ignacio Loza Pérez
by CarlosLoza on 30 May 2023

My first Blender Modelling of a structure for integration into Unreal Engine 5. My first step in the environment artist and concept art world for the videogame industry.

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Update - 30 May 2023

3D Buddhist Temple build environment in Blender and Prepare for Videogames in Unreal Engine 5, inspired by Eddie Mendoza Concept art.

The model is split into different blocks to replicate this building o build more temples with different shapes and heights.

Materials are made by me mixing different other materials in substance painter.

This one is my first Project working alone in UE5 and my 1st step of a long journey in the videogame industry.

The intention was to create a temple filled with vegetation and nature, evoking a place of peace and tranquility over a calm water pond that serves as a pilgrimage pathway for the monks.

To convey a sense of tranquility, I wanted to give the materials an orange and green color, applying a touch of moss to the surfaces closest to the water.

Blender Modeling of the temple.

Construction is made by splitting the parts into simple geometries to make reusable structures.

Materials creation in substance Painter, decals and alphas with Flowers and elephants giving an old Asian construction, added with spots of moss because the building is near to a lake.

create 2 sublevels in UE to show the blocks and vegetation and make easy changes without affect the main level in Unreal Engine.

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