Horizon Zero Dawn Fan art

Horizon Zero Dawn Fan art

Nicolas Davin
by cobrachoco on 30 May 2023

I am going to present to you my best work of this year

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Here is my mid-term project done in 4 weeks, I chose to make a thunderjaw fan art from horizon zero dawn because I really like the game and I want to do hard surface in the future.

I wanted to redo the thunder jaw in-game model but I couldn't find enough references so I decided to rely on the few references I found and make my own version.

I took a week to do the high poly base.

I took the second week to refine the high poly.

For the last two weeks I've been doing the low poly, rig and skin and posing it.

I wanted to make a fairly clean texture with just the right amount of dirt, especially on the lower body for more realism.

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