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"Nine Lives" - 2D production

"Nine Lives" - 2D production

Antoine Aimé
by AntoineAime and AntoineAlves on 30 May 2023

"Nine Lives" is a student project game made by 5 people. This is the 2D production made for the project, during a bit more than 2 months.

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This is the 2D production I made for the "Nine Lives", during a bit more than 2 months.

"Nine Lives" is a student game project made by 5 people. 

A titan spawned on earth 2 years ago and has been destroying humanity since then. In a half destroyed, japan countryside village, you play as a cat with a mechanical tail, seeking for a way to fix a weapon capable of stopping that one giant threat.

The main character: Tank, the cat

"Nine Lives" main character is a cat with a articulated mechanical tail. This device shows his number of lives left, before he fully dies. 

When reaching zero life, Tank the cat has to start his quest from square one.

Environment: a futuristical countryside

First concept that set the overall mood of the project. Nighttime with a lot of artificial lighting, and a rapidly growing nature.

Various props and facades were made for specific buildings and items. 

Neons were our main source of lights, that's why we decided to put an emphasis on them and make them look as unique and fun as possible

Decals helped us with storytelling (left) but also give the player some guidances (right) so they know were to go and how to play.

Different kinda of leaves and branches made in 2D, that helped to make various bushes  and plants in-game.

Intro / Outro

Illustrations were made for the game's intro and outro. 

The first one being the Titan's awakening, and the second one showing the Cat, with the repaired weapon, shooting a deadly laser right on the Titan.

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