Benjamin Billy | 3D Character Artist | 2022-2023

Benjamin Billy | 3D Character Artist | 2022-2023

Benjamin Billy
by Billyy on 30 May 2023

Hi! I'm a French student in 3d character art. I'm glad to share with you my work done during my Artside course this year. I hope you like it!

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Big Bad Wolf

It's a Cartoon project based on a wonderful concept done by Nicola Saviori.

As a fan of the latest Puss in Boots film The Last Quest, It was a super fun project and especially on my favourite character from the film!

I did this project during an Artside course and I was lucky enough to do it with the help of Marion Volpe, who I'd like to thank for her great feedback!

Below you can see the different sculpting stages


Here's a Handpainted project done during class at Artside School based on a awesome concept of Marina Lunina.

Many thanks to Julian Hoarau for the great feedback !

Shadow Apprentice

This project was done without any game ready constraints, as its sole aim was to be an illustration. It was made entirely in Zbrush, and Photoshop for the compositing. Based on a great concept by Dao Trong Le. A big thanks to Hugo Aubert for his feedback on this project.

You can check my ArtStation and LinkedIn for more!

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