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Dragon-like Creature Concept Designs

Dragon-like Creature Concept Designs

by PandorasFox on 30 May 2023

5 creatures I designed. Practicing drawing and creating creatures.

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This is a small collection of dragon design ideas I drew up mashing different animals into a singular creature. 

Creature #1

Inspiration: Spiders, Grasshoppers, Iguanas, and Stingrays

Creature #2

Inspiration: Foxes, Geckos, Rabbits, and Snakes

Creature #3

Inspirations: Owls, Rattlesnakes, Turtles, and Sharks

Creature #4

Inspirations: Praying Mantises, Warthogs, Frilled Lizards, and Frogs

Creature #5

Inspirations: Squids, Whales, Hammerhead Sharks, and Pythons.

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