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Clockville Shore

Clockville Shore

Vienna Anastasia Gunawan
by ViennaVFX on 29 May 2023

A steampunk city, made in 3D with a concept by Minovo Wang. Wanting to challenge myself I picked something a bit harder to make with a lot of assets!

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Dedicated to challenges, for my advance term final project I decided to make something more complex with crazy amount of assets. It took me part time for 3 months and 1 full month to finish this piece.

So far I'm satisfied with the modelling but not with the texturing and lookdev. There are some errors in the rendering which I couldn't fix yet. So I will continue this project later on, stay tune!

Night Version

It is not as dark as I want it to because it's all done in photoshop. My autodesk maya license has expired unfortunately, so I was unable to edit the light and re-render it.

Modelling - Raw Render - Final Piece

Please slide the bar to see the entire process!

Special thanks to Minova Wang for letting me use his gorgeous concept!!

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