Katabasis Project

Katabasis Project

by Lauu on 28 May 2023

Female playable character from an upcoming game project. I really enjoyed working on it so I hope you like it!

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I made one playable character and one mercenary for an upcoming game project.

Destiny and League of Legends Psyops skins inspired me. 

I wanted part of the face to be visible, so I opted for a transparent visor. 

For the topology, we had a limit of 150,000 triangles for each character and their weapon, so I challenged myself to stay within 125,000 triangles. 

Furthermore, as the game takes place in a dark environment and we have a TPS view, I wanted the character to stand out in the eyes of the player by adding touches of yellow on the back.

I made sure to create only one set of UVs for this character.

The character is rigged and skinned.

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