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Tri-Stone | Darksiders II

Tri-Stone | Darksiders II

by TomasG on 28 May 2023

During my mid-term exam i chose to make the village of Tri-Stone in the fantastic game Darksiders 2. I had 4 weeks to do this scene from modeling to integration. I learned a lot from this projet and i'm happy with the final result. Original concept by Vigil Games.

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It was really cool to work on something i like since darksiders 2 was one of the games i liked the most. 

Finding good references was hard because all i could find was the large view of tri-stone so i launched the game and took my references from myself.

I started modeling assets so i could create a kit to build the scene in Unreal Engine.

This is how i created the materials for the lava and water.

This is a final render of my scene with lighting which was my favourite part in doing this environment with the lava and water materials.

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