Project Katabasis, the seller
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Project Katabasis, the seller

Nester Lucas
by Cynwal, ReTseN, and TomasG on 27 May 2023

I'm glad to present you the NPC of this work in progress project. The character was done all by me, concept to render, exept the backpack who the environement team done the most part. The prog team was really pleased to integrate the NPC whithout problem

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Update - 27 May 2023

Project Katabasis is an upcoming game.

The seller is an NPC who sell upgrade to the player, we don't know what it is, maybe human, maybe alien or other... But one thing is sure, it want to trade

it's was really fun to make, the more I worked on this NPC, the more I love it.

My inspiration was a mix between the Merchant,from Resident Evil 4, the mask seller, from Zelda Majora's mask, the big daddy, from Bioshock and some crows. All combine with midjourney

The back pack was made by the environement team, I just help with some asset, change the texture and assembled.

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