Solar Eclipse Necromancer

Solar Eclipse Necromancer

Tixidor Gabriel
by SirDandelion on 26 May 2023

Here is my mid-term project, the Solar Eclipse Necromancer skin from Diablo Immortal. The concept have been made by Gengye Wu. I took an entire month to do it from scratch and I'm really proud of it. I hope you will enjoy this work too.

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Concept made by Gengye Wu for Diablo Immortal. It represents the Necromancer from the Solar Eclipse cosmetics in his male version.

High poly has been made on Zbrush and it tooks me about 20 days to finish the character and the weapons.

Retopology is actually low enough to go on a mobile phone but could have been better. However I decided to increase a bit the quality so it still have a good rendering to show off.

For texture, I'm used to mask every different material on different base color, add every details of texture and start tweaking everything.

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