Oh My Boat !

Oh My Boat !

The project was made at ESMA school during my 3rd year and I worked for the first time in team, on a short film. Through this post, you will see what I manly did during this 6 week project.

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Molly is an excellent sailor who crosses the world on her captain boat. She is the female characters our short film, and I specially worked on her during the movie production.

I did her concept, line art, model, sculpt, textures and groom.

Final Shot

Concerning her concept art, I worked on many posing and expression sketches to be able to create clean lines for her. We also worked all together to create a great body and face shape to make her look nice and fun.


He is the captain of the boat and is a real sailor that nothing could scare. We fashioned it to look like a captain but in a funny way, to add the cartoon to our movie.

I work on the concept and the groom of this character.

Final Shot

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