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3D Magic Wand
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3D Magic Wand

Farah Nadiapasha Danadibrata
by FNadiapashaD on 23 May 2023

I have created this 3D work, showcasing my imagination and artistic flair. The modeling for this work was done using 3DS Max, while the creation of animated videos was accomplished through Autodesk Maya, along with the utilization of the Arnold Renderer.

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Update - 23 May 2023

The following is a 3D modeling work that I have created using 3Ds Max software. I used crystal material on the stone in the magic wand and added gold wires that seemed to look luxurious. To do a piece like this, it took me about 1 day to model and 1 day to add materials and colors.
This project is my first portfolio of 3D modelling work. I have also made a circular motion animatic with a camera surrounding the object. I made the video below using virtual software from autodesk.
The work I created was inspired and created with the help of YouTube video tutorials. Below is the link to the video tutorial.

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