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James Binns - 3D Environment Art Collection

James Binns - 3D Environment Art Collection

by JamesBinns on 23 May 2023

Creating Environments and levels has become a full-time passion for me, I find myself spending countless hours creating scenes and developing my skills to create real-time environments that are visually stunning. The following projects show my ability to create assets and environments optimised for different platforms.

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Plague Tale Requiem: Long Live the King Fan DLC Concept Contributions

Art Directing this 12-week project was a huge task for me, I learnt a lot about giving feedback constructively and in ways that encouraged people to work; I also learnt a lot about the amount of work that goes into a project like this. The scale of this project was the biggest I have ever worked on, and as we were trying to match the quality of Megascans assets (which they use in the actual game), I knew that this was going to be tough for the team. Since our team was very prop artist-heavy, as well as my environment kits, I took on the role of technical artist where I worked on sound, scripts, materials, as well as VFX and most optimisation for this project. All of these roles kept me busy throughout but I am very happy with the result.

White Tower Modular Kit

This 28 Piece modular Kit allowed me to recreate the Tower of London. I built it with a large entrance tower which would have been there during the 14th century when the game took place but was destroyed not long after.

Frame Houses Modular Kit

This 48 Piece kit was used to build all the houses around the edge of the map

Parallax Occlusion

One of the ways I optimised was by using parallax occlusion, a method of deforming the UVs of the asset without changing the shape or adding more geometry, this allowed the materials to give the illusion of depth while really only being placed onto a flat plane.

Tileable Materials

These are the tileable materials I worked on during this project, they range from bricks to ground to fabric and roof materials. They were all made in substance designer apart from the top left wood material which was a smart material I made to help the prop artists texture their assets.


One way I optimised the scene was by atlasing texture maps together, By doing this I managed to reduce 39 texture maps from different people into just 14 2k texture maps which achieved our goal of 10.24px/cm texel density.

Elden Ring Fan Art Diorama

This project was made in 6 weeks and depicts a statue of Marika sitting in a demolished church. I kept the textures and designs to how they looked in-game, even constructing my wall assets in the way I believe they would have been made in the game, later deciding to combine the wall into one piece in order to make the scene easier to move. I made all assets and textures for this project but it was lit by Daniela Flores.

Hero Asset Breakdown

This was the first statue I had ever worked on so sculpting this took a few days however I was really happy with the final result, I think it matches the design of the one in the game well and has and doesn't waste geometry or texture resolution.


for this project I opted to use modular pieces to make prefabs in Maya which I could then add lots of variation to so the small scene didn't look repetitive, this allowed me to get unique damage in areas like the pillars or walls.

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