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Animation of AZRI saying "That's not my problem, it's yours."

Animation of AZRI saying "That's not my problem, it's yours."

by Enomie on 30 May 2023

Yes. It's "that" soundbyte. I was giddy while making this little video. I love making little memes.

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Project Name: TNMPIY (aka That's Not My Problem, It's Yours)
Time Taken: 6.5 hour(s)
Render Time: 4 hour(s)


[MODEL] AZRI by Gameanim
[PROP] Sofa_Single by tjddn1985

This is the reference video and also where the audio came from.

I actually have no idea if the video is actually framed like that (just the head) or someone cropped the video.

Either way, I animated this because I found it very amusing.

Here's a little 4 panel breakdown.

Panel 1: Reference.
Panel 2: Blocking (the bare minimum movements to set things up).
Panel 3: Splining (doing all the movements proper and playing with the animation graph a little to fix things, basically a prerender without the lights).
Panel 4: Render, adding the lights.

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