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The Chinese Opera

The Chinese Opera

Ariane Moulard
by ArianeMoulard on 19 May 2023

School Project made in May 2021. 1986, China. An actress from a Chinese Opera troop is getting ready in her caravan for her show where she has the lead female role in The Legend of the White Snake, a traditional Chinese tale. But behind that passion for entertainment, we discover that she's living a monotonous life.

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My thematic for this school project was The Chinese Opera, a subject I didn't know before so it was quite challenging but after watching some Chinese movies and made a lot of research on that rich culture, I've been more that inspired.

The mood I wanted to convey was a combination of joy with a bit of anxiety because no artist is completely serene before going on stage.

I've been working on these two images for less than 3 weeks. All the pre production was done few weeks before. I've learned a lot in a few amount of time as I wasn't comfortable with texturing at all but i did my best to create a realistic picture ! I mainly used procedural and Photoshop texturing to get that desired look. I rendered all of it with Renderman.

First Image :

Wireframe :

The moods I wanted to portray here was loneliness and sadness. The 'behind the scene' of some artists' lives and what they could feel with all the pressure they might have because of their job without counting all the sacrifices they do to get a moment of fame and achieve their dreams.

The lighting here was very challenging and I struggled a lot to get what i wanted. But after some fails i ended up with a lighting that was good enough for my story.

Second Image :

Wireframe :

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