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Low poly norwegian island
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Low poly norwegian island

by callecocos on 19 May 2023

This project aims to deepen my understanding of animating and building low poly assets to a scene.

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Update - 19 May 2023

Low poly norwegian fishing village

In this project my idea is to build a short animation where a fishing boat is overlooking a small island. I want to  learn how to animate things like the boat bobbing in the waves and perhaps rig a giant octopus climbing on shore.

Here was the first render I made for this project after building a small island with reflective water and some lights in the scene. Next up I wanted to add some mist and build a quick boat model where I could place the camera inside for the animation.

I made a quick boat to have something to put my camera inside and added some textures for extra effect.
If I feel urged in a later stage of the project I might go back to the boat model and polish up the maps and clocks on the inside. If I feel like I need some views of the outside of the boat I'll also have to go back to work on that. For now I leave it quite rough.

Here is my first attempt at an animation viewing the island from the boat. Next step is to fine tune the bobbing to slow it down and to add a blinking light to the light house.

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