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Bethany Fox Games Prop Artist

Bethany Fox Games Prop Artist

Bethany Fox
by bethanyfox on 28 May 2019

Work from my second year at uni, as a games environment and prop artist. I really enjoy making props and am excited to work on some personal stuff and improve what I made in semester A. Hope you like it!

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First up I'd like to share my semester B group Games Project: Rowan, which you can watch below!

You can view our Rookies submission for the project itself here:

Below you can see all the assets I was responsible for, from some fish and cheese up to the giant skeleton itself.

Each one is modelled, sculpted and textured by me then placed in the city to bring it to life!

Two of the medium assets were the Bell and the Well, I tried out exploding the mesh to texture the Bell because previously, keeping it all together caused small artefacts when baking in Substance.

Dragonstone Painted Table Room

Next up, an interior scene completed at the beginning of semester A. I went with a signature room from Game of Thrones, the room holding the Painted Table at Dragonstone.

I was honoured to have this scene featured on the Epic Games Launcher on November 16th 2018

Some clips of the room.

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