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Ciro's Star Legacy 3D GAME

Ciro's Star Legacy 3D GAME

Alfred Morell Lozoya
by alfredmorelllozoya on 17 May 2023

This is my first game in 3D ever made, with the collaboration of some partners ❝ David Morillas Ruíz & Héctor Franco Magalló ❞. It was made in only two weeks! Here you will find the concept art, 3d models and animations I made for it. Hope you like it! :D

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╰┈➤ You are Ciro, and you will need to defeat enemies in order to obtain star points, wich can be used to upgrade some of his stadistics when touching the checkpoints! He has to clean his path to the temple, where things become stranger and harder... What kind of things will he find?

╰┈➤ Start screen and loading screens

╰┈➤ Concept art of the main character (Ciro), enemies and other:

╰┈➤ And finally, some 3d models and animations I did <3

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