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STUTTER - A Virtual Reality Experience

STUTTER - A Virtual Reality Experience

Callum Thorndyke
by CalThorndyke on 15 May 2023

Stutter is a VR experience which allows players to embody the mind of a ‘Stutterer’ allowing them to experience the difficulty of creating and processing words while also hearing their thoughts in different levels of social situations.

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What is 'Stutter'?
A stutter is a rather uncommon and misunderstood speech impediment that can have a lot of stigma and can create difficult social situations. There are many different factors and backgrounds to speech impediments which can create a different and unique experience in Virtual reality to both create a game and possibly create more awareness for speech impediments. Stutterers find it difficult in many different social situations to sometimes speak, make sounds or even communicate because the words can be lost or shifted around within the mind and what if this could physically be shown to someone in VR. An abstract interpretation of the mind of a stutterer can be created showing words moving and floating around the environment moving at different speeds and rotations to show the chaos of speaking for their minds. Through virtual reality a player can experience an interpretation of the physical hardship trying to create sentences representing the mental hardship for those with speech impediments. This will create an educational gaming experience that will be both challenging and hopefully mentally stimulating to players of the experience.

Story Script (Click Here)
Game Design Document (Click Here)

Project Audio Commentary

This video is a commentary from the developer explaining the interactions, process and mechanics behind this experience and how it was created.

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