Model - COBRA s600

Model - COBRA s600

by FrankGM on 11 May 2023

Digital twin of the COBRA s600 robot arm, in cooperation with Florida Factory and the company Vortx.

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'Development of COBRA s600 Robot Arm for Florida Factory Group'

This project is a collaboration between Florida Factory and Vortx, in which I had the opportunity to collaborate in this work. I had to make a digital twin of a COBRA s600 robotic arm.

Besides I was in another work of end of course, that is to say I was in 2 projects at the same time, when I finished the model I didn't like how it was so when I was in practice I made from scratch the model and this is how it has been.

I hope you like it.



Real-life references of the model:

Texture references:

                                     Use the colors of these two models of the robot arm.

                         MODEL 3D


                   FULL VIDEO

This video shows the model with the Final Texture, the 3D Model and the Wireframe of the model.

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