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Infected Wild Zombie Bust

Infected Wild Zombie Bust

André López
by 3dboi on 9 May 2023

Infected Wild Zombie 3D character

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I was wishing to do a remake from an old character I created in Unreal Engine 4 when I was a student. I could recover a screenshot from the original render I saved a long time ago. Here's the original character.

During my spare time, I came up with a quick sketch of the character and the mood I wanted to give him. Then, I jumped right to the sculpting phase.

For the new version, I wanted to push the main shapes a bit more, I decided were I wanted every element and I ended up with this base and after some refinement became the final version of the character.

I concentrated on ending up with some nice textures that would enhance the model and would not be lost with the lighting I was planning to set for the scene. 

Finally, I jumped to Marmoset Toolbag 4 to add some detail normal maps for my shaders and set the lighting for the scene. I wanted the light to give a horror mood since this character is a wild zombie. After some rendering time and a quick pass through Photoshop for the background and fog I ended up with the final result. Hope you liked it :)

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