Creature Mentorship- 2023
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Creature Mentorship- 2023

Alexander Cox
by alexandercox on 7 May 2023

Follow my journey as I create two creatures under the guidance of Constantine Sekeris

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Update - 7 May 2023

These creatures are being created as part of my mentorship with Constantine Sekeris & the Concept Art Association

Initial Sketches


I ended up deciding to continue with the bull-looking alien and the orange frog guy so started assembling some references and refining the designs.

A majority of the references are from Joel Sartore's Photo arc (


Once I had the general ideas figured out, It was time to refine the heads. 

Full Bodies were next (plus figuring out the profile of my horned friend)


Currently in the costume phase of the project, so here is my work so far in that regard. (4/20- present)

For the horned alien, I wanted to avoid the classic tank archetype. I decided he was an academic of some type, something along the lines of a librarian or teacher. It was definitely a challenge figuring out a design that, from a practical level, wouldn't get ripped by his shoulder spikes.

Was torn between making the frog alien an art critic (left) and a club owner (right). Both were slimy individuals and would really fit with the slimy individuals. A few of my classmates liked the club owner, but I am working on a club owner in another project at the moment and Constantine liked the costume for the art critic.

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