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Axiom Verge - Eribu - Game Artwork.

Axiom Verge - Eribu - Game Artwork.

Viktor Stambert
by VeoTheArtist on 2 May 2023

One of my latest game artworks in 2023 I did together as an assignment for Futuregames as a game design student.

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This is Eribu. The starting area from the game known as Axiom Verge.

As an assignment in Futuregames I had to pick one of my favorite games of my choice to see if I could do any changes to improve as a design aspect for the game. This combines greatly as another Game Artwork project for myself as I made sure to look into each tileset in the game to try to understand how they were designed and functional in the game.

As another step up in my skills I wanted to challenge myself to make this into an animated game artwork with moving tilesets, UI map and character animation. See down below for the 2nd Process View. 

Each sprite was created in Piskel. But each puzzle piece was added into Photoshop as I layed down each part of the whole artwork.

As for the Tileset for this artwork. Each tile is 16x16 in pixel size. And the whole artwork is 480 x 272. This is by far my biggest Game Artwork  for now that I have done based on the size for the resolution.  

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