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The Spirit Flower

The Spirit Flower

by Blue on 26 Apr 2023

I am Lilou and I am 24. I want to work in the art industry, and I am doing my best everyday to achieve this goal. Here, you will see a project that I had in mind for a very long time and of which I am very proud. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do.

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Once, spirits and humans were living in harmony. Over time, humans grew paranoid, fearing spirits could exploit them using their powers. From the paranoia came resentment, and from resentment came anger. To avoid a conflict, spirits fled from the humans, and hid.

Our story begins with a young boy living in a village lost in the middle of the Japanese Alps. One day, his grandma, the village sage, fell sick, and nobody was able to cure her. Seeing that she could not be helped, he remembered a story his grandma told him when he was younger : there was a flower, called the Spirit Flower, which would lead the spirits to the otherworld, hence its name, that was also able to cure anything. To save his grandma, the boy decided to set for a journey: he would find a Spirit Flower. Leaving the village, He was not aware that he was not going to be alone for very long in his adventure.

In the art of the Tv Show Hilda and the movie Klaus

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